Electrostimulation musculaire

Electrostimulation for muscles (EMS) training sessions at home (in Paris).


EMS Training

Nathalie has been using electro stimulation of muscles for her personal training as well as for her clients, since 2014. Nowadays she is an ambassador of this method. 5Touches proposes a tailored follow up for anyone who wishes to sculpt the body with this new excellent technology.

  • The service works in Paris and the nearby
  • Sessions take place at your home
  • Trial session lasts 30min
  • Personalized assessment and follow-up, designed together with the client
  • Duration of the class: 1 hour (warm-up, specific workout and recovery)

  • A minimum of 2 sessions per week are highly recommended for faster results.
Technical details


Intended for the whole body, painless low frequency impulses allow your muscles to work dynamically. This type of training multiplies by 18 the results obtained with simple classic weights, without any risk of muscular stress.


The outfit : It is composed of a full body uniform and extra electrodes for arms and eventually calves. A generator is related to an iPad via Bluetooth. This super advanced technology, receives and transmits ultra-precise contractile informations to muscles, via 18 to 20 conductive patches, placed on the quadriceps and ischio-leg, gluteal, abdominal, dorsal (trapezius, large back and lumbar), pectoral, biceps and triceps areas. A multitude of agonist and antagonist muscles are thus electro stimulated on demand by low-frequency impulses and more than 300 of them are solicited in a single session!



What is good for top athletes, it is also good for amateurs.

  • A fat mass and cellulite significant reduction.
  • Increase of strength and endurance, better mobility, relief of backache.
  • Better recovery: blood circulation is increased, elimination of toxins.
  • Gain energy for daily efforts.
  • Save time for lasting results and a sculpted and healthy body.


Nathalie has been coaching and training her clients with the EMS method since 2014. She develops her clientele in the Paris region with the help of her experts in fitness, yoga and functional training, recruited and trained to guarantee the excellence she requires for her personal goals as a professional athlete.

Until the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021, Nathalie’s schedule depends on the International competition calendar that can vary her availability during the year. Her two assistants are here to guarantee the follow up from beginning to end.


World-Class Champion in Fencing 2019 and EMS coach


Teacher in Hatha yoga, fitness and EMS coach.

Sanitary Measures

Given the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 5Touches team respects the most basic prevention measures such as barrier gestures (wearing a mask, safety distance and regular disinfection of hands and equipment tools) and prefer spaces which can be ventilated.

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